Let me introduce myself. My name is Dave Schijvers, 27 years old.
I'm graduated as a graphic designer and webdesigner, with a love for creating all sort of things!
I'm looking for a great compagny where I can learn and grow, work together and give new input,
and I hope I can convince you that I'm a good addition to the current team.

During my study as a graphic designer I realised that versatility and quality are both very important aspects for a designer. That is why I always try being versatile, and still pay great attention to the quality of my work. During my study I learned that working in a team is one of my strong points. Working in a team gives different input which in most cases takes a design or product to a higher level.

During my study I started as an Illustrator, and graphic designer. After graduating I also studied webdesign and multimediadesign. I'm at the beginning of a nice career, and I'm very eager to start! I'm accurate and a bit of a perfectionist ( the good way ). My skills are best expressed through my portfolio, where all skills come together. I'm a creative mind who like to put all this energy into creating nice designs!

Being able to work in a team is one of the most important parts in the creation of a top of the line product.
Working in a team brings out the best qualities of each person, and is the perfect way to grow in knowledge and skills. I'm hoping to find such a team, where I can support the current group, and where I can experience personal growth for myself and the team.

Still not fully convinced?
Invite me for a job interview and let me convince you a bit more!


Dave Schrijvers

CV on request available