Here you can find all information about Jobhunt the game!
Join Dave in his quest to find the best job there is: creating games.

Jobhunt is a story about Dave. He lives in a small camp near dolor forest, camp Clarum. Clarum once was a great town, where Dave studied hard to catch a nice job in the future. Unfortunately crisis struck and the town of Clarum crumbled down to the small camp it is now.

After studying and training his skills Dave is, despite of the crisis that struck Clarum, ready to go hunt for a job. To find this job he has to travel trough Dolor forest, an evil forest where fear en doubt reigns.

Travel through Dolor forest with Dave, train his skills, and eventually catch the legendary job!

Meet Dave. Dave is the main character in the game, and is based on the real Dave, designer of this website!

Dave is a nice guy, 26 year old, who studied graphic design and webdesign. Dave is able to train his skills and abilities quickly, just as in the real designer world.

With his great enthousiasm he seeks the best job out there, help him gain this job, in the game, and in the real world!
Every job is unique, and for every person the "best" job looks different.

Dave knows what he is looking for, a great job in the gaming industrie. He hasn't found it yet, so it is still a little mysterious what this job looks like.

Dave is determined to find what he is looking for!
Meet Peter. Peter is the inkeeper of the nice little town
Dave lives in.

The inn is one of the biggest buildings in town, which is necessary, because it is the place where all townfolk gathers to regain strength.
Peter is a nice guy who is always willig to lend a helping hand when you are hurt.
Leo is the mayer in town.
For generations Leo's family has ruled the little town. Some people say his hat is a little weird, but he is very loved man in town.

You can always visit Leo for some in-game advice, but leave his hat out of the conversation.
Mark is the local gunsmith. He makes all kind of weapons which fit perfectly by you trained skills.
His specialty are weapons which can be used by people with a high photoshopskill.
The blunderbrush is his masterpiece. Mark claims that you can catch even defeat your biggest fear with this nice gun.

This is the city hall. The city hall is the place where you can find mayer Leo most of the time.
City hall used to be a nice building, until the economic crisis struck. Now only a big tent is left, but this doesn't affect mayor Leo's status much.

- place for gathering information.
This is the local gunshop. In this gunshop you can buy all sorts of weapons, for all sorts of skills.
This gunshop is specialized in guns used with the photoshopskill, but Mark, the shopkeeper, also sell some nice guns which can be used with the illustrator or 3dsmax skill ( not available in demo ).
The blunderbrush is the shops top item!

- Place for buying weapons.
The tavern is the place where you can rest and heal from your injuries.
For most town people it is also the place to hear some gossip, but for reliable info you can better ask the mayor. The tavern has soft beds and offers great healing potions ( the town folks say it is actually just beer ).

-Place for healing.
This is a common house, nothing special. All townfolks live in tents. Mayor Leo suggests that visitors stay in the inn.

The sketchgun is the basic weapon. Sketching is an important part of concepts. The sketchgun shoots colored rays, also known as "doodles."

needed skill: photoshop lvl 1.
The pixelpopper is a strong shotgun with a low resolution, but with a strong kickback. The low pixelrate makes is fairly easy to handle.

needed skill: photoshop lvl 2.
The blunderbrush is the best weapon there is for everyone trained in the photoshopskill. It simply brushes the enemy away!

needed skill: photoshop lvl 3.
The vector is the basic weapon when training the illustrator skill. It straight and basic lines make it easy to handle, but it's not the strongest gun out there. Due to the texture on the body of the gun, some training in Photoshop is also required.

needed skill: illustrator lvl 1, photoshop lvl 1.
The CMYK-gun is a tricky piece of equipment. The gun is quite big and not easy to handle. Using CMYK on a screen is not advised for amateurs, but any daredevil may try.

needed skill: illustrator lvl 2.

"the blackout" is a tricky enemy. It is common knowledge how to defeat it, but somehow everybody suddenly forgets when encountering this enemy. Blackouts are a tricky enemy for a designer, but nothing Dave can't handle!
the "fear" is a scary enemy. His biggest weapon is the insecurity of his enemy. The "fear" will always try to make you feel like failing, but can be easily countered by great projects, such as this sollicitation!
the "doubt" is an ugly enemy with only one goal. His biggest weapon is the power to make designers doubt their choices and creative process. Doubt can be countered by enthusiasm. This makes Dave not very vulnerable for the "doubt", since enthusiasm is a strong weapon.
My name is Dave!
I'm the guy behind the scenes of this website and the one looking for an awesome job! Check the achievements for my artwork.

Did I already convince you? sent me an email:

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