Jobhunt the website and game are finally finished, I hope you enjoy the game!
A lot of achievements are already unlocked, but the most important one still need to be unlocked: Finding a nice job!
Dave has already started his jobhunt by finishing this supporting website. While the game itself is in the making, feel free to take a look around and let me convince you that I'm a good addition to your compagny!
The music for the game is self written, and based on music from final fantasy. Why?
Because the music from final fantasy is awesome!
I hope you enjoy it!

Jobhunt is not only a game, but also a way to find an exciting job!

My name is Dave!
I'm the guy behind the scenes of this website and the one looking for an awesome job! Check the achievements for my artwork.

Did I already convince you? sent me an email:

For more information about me, check the about-section.

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Q: The game has a very specific style, can you make other styles as well?

A: Yes I can, the style of the game is the one closest to what I mostly design, but my porfolio shows that I can make diffent other styles as well.

Q: Is the music self written?
A: Yes. In my spare time I play the bass, play in band "The Royal Spuds" and also write music now and then.

Q: The game is 2D instead of 3D or isometric. Why?

A: This way of movement in the game was chosen this way so I could finish the game quicker, and therefore apply for a job sooner!

Q: What is your strongest point in designing?

A: My strongpoints are creating artwork in photoshop and illustrator, in all different styles. At the moment I'm training hard to learn more and more!