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Age of Sands MMORPG

Age of Sand is a massive-multiplayer browsergame, made as a graduationproject at Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam.

It is made with a team of three, including me as concept artist and game developer.
The game was written and made in Flash(as 2.0).

The website and game are unfortunatly offline, but all artwork, the story, screenshots, and the trailer of the game can be found below.

If you are interested in the story, click here

Gametrailer(Music by Finntroll)


A selection of the sketches made for the game

Enviroment speedpaint

The shard is one of the main elements of the story

An overview of the process of developing a building


All buildings and other elements where made on a grid. All enviromental aspect, such as walls and roads are tileless. This way we could expand the game easily. This grid was also important for calculating how to move the character.

The angle of the grid is chosen to get a natural up,down,right,left feeling when walking with the arrow keys, and still keep the 3-dimentional feel

Naseem, the main character of game.


Inventory interface

Main Game interface

Shop interface








Common house

Wall buildingblocks

Different kinds of armour and weapons

To speed up production we made different props as buildingstones for the different buildings


This story brings us back to the land of Aban. For over twohundred years there has been a raging war, for the possesion of the Radix-Shard. Myths and legends tell about the power of this shard, a power to reshape the world and all its being. Almost every tribe within the land fought for the power of this shard, to rule the world and all the people within. Many tribes were lost in this terrible war, and many damage was done to the lands of Aban, all by human hand, and the destructive power of this shard.

While the war raged on three Warlords came together in secret. They had grewn tired of the constant fighting and slaughtering of their people, and were longing for peace. The three warlords, named Cormick, Naseem & Sachiel, decided it was best to destroy the power of the shard, and give it back to nature. They planned a final assault on Ariman, a coldhearted and evil man, and the current owner of the shard.

With smashing force the three warlords, and their combined army, stormed the black and cold stronghold of Tavara, smashing him to the ground, and burning all his possessions. Within one of the darkest dungeons, among the stench of misery and rotting flesh the shard was eventually found. The three warlords decided that such horror may never be done to Aban by human hand again, and with this knowledge they smashed the shard in three pieces.

As a memory and reminder of the long war, and as a symbol to return the powers of the shards to nature, the three pieces were planted into three big trees, devided among the land. To ensure the safety of the shards, the three warlords became guardians of the shards, with the locations of the other ones shards unknown to each other. With this heroic deeds peace came to the land, and nature restored to full beauty. For many decades peace was in the land, and most of the people only knew the story of the shards to be a far away myth.

While Aban restored to his former glory, Cormas, great grandson of Cormick, slowly grew coldhearted. Knowing of the legendary strenght of his great grandfather, Cormas finds that he alone should posses the power of the Radix shard. Cormas’ hunger for power and might flamed within his thoughts, when finally he burned down the first shard-tree, gaining possesion of the first part of the shard. Hungering for more power Cormas seeks and finds the location of the second shard, the shard of Naseem... The forces of Cormas are too strong for Naseem's tribe , and the second tree is torn apart and burned down, revealing the second shard and destroying all of Naseems kin..

With the destruction of the trees a great unbalancing power is released, affecting all nature of Aban. Tribes dissapear, nature dies, and drought comes to the land again, filled with evil creatures. Only the tribe of Sachiel remains... This is when the time of sands begins..

The people of Sachiel notice the change which takes place slowly. For a reason they do not yet know the land slowly becomes dry and water suddenly turns in a valuable and uncommon treasure. Because of the lack of water, other tribes disappear, wild unknown beast come to the surrounding lands, and the grounds turn to sand and dust, on which nothing can grow. Strange people come to Sachiel begging for water, or trading strange goods from far away places. The people of Sachiel realise that the last shard-tree, which they protect, is the most important reason that they can remain in the dry surrounding land. Somehow the shard produces water, to keep the tree alive, together with people protecting it. The people of Sachiel remember the old myths of the great wars of the shard and are scared of events to happen. Kingsman Sachalos, great grandson of the original warlord, decides, knowing of this great evil, to fortify the mountain of the tree. He summones his best generals to build strongholds at the roots of the mountain, protecting the roots of their beloved tree. When the meeting is about to end a scout busts into the town hall, bringing stories of the slaughtered kingdom of Naseem and the search of Cormas for the last shard, to rule for eternity or bring an end to the world they know...